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A1 Scavengers* Mysterex  
A2 Terrorways Never Been To Borstal  
A3 Proud Scum I Am A Rabbit  
A4 Scavengers* True Love  
A5 Proud Scum Suicide  
A6 Terrorways She's A Mod  
B1 Swingers* Certain Sound  
B2 The Primmers* Funny Stories  
B3 Toy Love Squeeze  
B4 Swingers* Baby  
B5 The Primmers* You're Gonna Get Done  
B6 Toy Love Toy Love Song  
C1 Suburban Reptiles Megaton  
C2 Suburban Reptiles Coup D'Etat  
C3 Scavengers* Routine  
C4 Proud Scum Suicide 2  
C5 Terrorways Short Haired Rock'n Roll  
C6 Toy Love Frogs  
C7 Suburban Reptiles Saturday Night Stay At Home  
D1 Features City Scenes  
D2 Spelling Mistakes* Feel So Good  
D3 Marching Girls* First In Line  
D4 Spelling Mistakes* Hate Me Hate Me  
D5 Features Victim  
D6 Marching Girls* True Love