Circle Jerks - Live at Fender's Ballroom 1986

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A1 Interview  
A2 Red Tape  
A3 Wild In The Streets  
A4 The Crowd  
A5 High Price On Our Heads  
A6 Killing For Jesus  
B1 Put A Little Love In Your Heart  
B2 15 Minutes  
B3 Don't Care  
B4 Live Fast Die Young  
B5 American Heavy Metal Weekend  
B6 Wasted  
B7 I Just Want Some Skank  
C1 Coup D'Etat  
C2 Karma Stew  
C3 Deny Everything  
C4 Letterbomb  
C5 In Your Eyes  
C6 Back Against The Wall  
C7 Wonderful  
C8 Firebaugh  
C9 Under The Gun  
C10 Mrs Jones  
D1 Behind The Door  
D2 I, I & I  
D3 Making The Bombs  
D4 Junk Mail  
D5 Jerks On 45